Why Choose Athena University?

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Why Choose Athena University?

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After getting a Bachelor’s degree, there’s always some lingering questions: Should I go for a Master’s degree? Do I have the time to go back to school? Can I afford it? What should I study? If you’re trying to find the answer to these questions, that’s where Athena University comes in. At Athena University, you can further your education while furthering your career. If you’re looking for a Master’s degree (or even a Bachelor’s degree), here are just a few of the reasons Athena University should be the school of your choice.

Amazing Programs

Athena University offers both Master’s and Bachelor’s programs for those looking to continue their education while on the job. If you’re looking for an awesome program to further your education, we offer:

  • Master of Business Administration. Our Master of Business Administration (MBA) program teaches students how to be a business executive with an international focus. A student in the MBA program can expect to learn effective marketing strategies, how to manage finances, how to be a leader, and how to apply the knowledge they learned from school in real-world situations through case studies.
  • Executive Master of Business Administration. Our Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) is similar to our MBA program, and it’s a great choice for those who want to know how to lead a business, with an international focus. At the end of the program, students can expect to research, design, develop, and implement a new strategy for a selected organization for real-world experience.
  • Game Animation Design. The game industry is expected to continues to grow, which means it’s the perfect time to enter the industry. A job in game animation and design is expected to grow by six percent over the next 10 years. Our hands-on program helps students develop their skills in animation, 3D, and interactive design capped by a thesis project and an industry-quality portfolio to get you ready to enter the field.
  • Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Athena University now offers a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Our Business Administration program allows students to choose one of four specialties: General Management, Finance, Marketing, and Accounting. This program layout allows students to choose what they are most interested in and get the most out of their education.

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Our programs are designed for those who already have a career, plus students may study up to 3 courses per class session to make managing the course load easier. We also offer part-time or full-time options for those who want to further their education while working.

Great Location

Our campus is located in the heart of downtown Seattle, just across the street from Pike Place Market. There are so many things you can do downtown near campus, such as visit the Seattle Space Needle, the Museum of Flight, the Seattle Art Museum, Pier 55 and anything downtown. It is also convenient to get to campus with public transportation, too!

Support for Students

Your education is important to us and we want to see you succeed. Our student advisors can help you choose the right degree for you and guide you on every step of the way to help you graduate. Even after you graduate, Athena University’s advisors are still there to help you with your job search. If you’re an international student, we offer academic workshops, help with student visas, healthcare, and job search assistance.

Scholarships Available

For the January 2018 school session, Athena is offering a 90% tuition scholarship. Athena University is a perfect choice if you want to get your Master’s degree without going into debt! Find out all the details about the scholarship how to apply for that scholarship here.

Does Athena University sound like the school for you? Contact us at inquiry@athenauniversity.org to get started on your path to higher education.

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