Top 7 Potential Careers for MBA Grads

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Top 7 Potential Careers for MBA Grads

Top 7 Potential Careers for MBA Grads

The demand for people with MBAs is increasing. According to the GMAC 2017 Corporate Recruiters Survey Report, 86% of of the survey respondents plan to hire MBA grads as compared to only 79% of employers who hired them in 2016. Employers in the US also plan to provide recent MBA grads a median starting salary of $110,000. But what jobs can MBA grads get? Here are just a few potential careers for MBA graduates.

1. Top Executives

Median Salary – $183,270

Are you looking to be the top-of-the-top in a company? Work toward becoming a top executive! This is a title that covers a number of positions, such as general and operations managers to chief executive officers (CEO). As a top executive, MBA grads would be expected to oversee company management and implement policies and goals for the company.

2. Marketing Manager

Median Salary – $129,380

A marketing manager focuses on marketing strategies for a company and implement advertising strategies to bring customers to the business. If you’re someone who likes doing marketing research and understanding potential target audiences, becoming a marketing manager is the career choice for you!

3. Financial Manager

Median Salary – $125,080

Financial managers focus on handling the funds of an organization. They write financial reports for the business, make decisions where the company should invest, and develop strategies to meet long-term financial goals. They can also analyze current cash flow use and help their organization maximize profits.

3. Human Resources Managers

Median Salary – $110,120

A good company needs a good human resources manager. An HR manager works internally to manage employees and can handle internal disputes or manage employees’ benefits. A good HR manager advises other managers on how to handle issues that require disciplinary action. They are also in charge of handling an organization’s hiring process and often picks, interviews, and hires candidates.

4. Market Research Analyst

Median Salary – $63,230

Are you interested in doing the research behind a solid marketing strategy? A market research analyst conducts research to measure the success of current marketing strategies. They may conduct surveys, interviews, and questionnaires to collect data that they will then analyze to determine what strategies the marketing team should implement next.

5. Public Relations Managers

Median Salary – $111,280

Do you like working with people? As a PR manager, you’ll act as the voice of your company and write press releases, designate spokespeople for media interviews, and develop the brand of the company.

6. Operations Research Analyst

Median Salary – $81,390

Operations Research Analysts work to identify and solve problems both internally and externally for the company to create a better product. For example, they might take all the costs of selling a product to determine the most fair selling price. They might collect input from customers, employees, and management to improve processes and advise managers on the next actions to take in answer to problems in current operations.

7. Management Analyst

Median Salary – $82,450

Sometimes called management consultants, management analysts find ways to reduce costs and maximize profits based on the efficiency of an organization. They’ll gather data by conducting interviews, observing equipment and current methods, and reviewing previous financial data. From there, they’ll offer potential solutions to increase efficiency and work with managers to determine if the solutions are working.

Do These Careers Sound Interesting to You?

If any of these careers sound like something you’d want to do, the best first step is to start working toward an MBA. If you want to get started, you can check out Athena’s MBA or EMBA programs, or you can learn more about how to go to grad school with our free guide!

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Note: All median salaries reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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