About Athena University

Classroom with Students

Our Mission

The creation of Athena University is inspired by the characteristics of the Greek heroine Athena as the guardian of wisdom, knowledge, and learning. We are committed to cultivating future leaders through dedicated teaching, globalization, and entrepreneurship. We strive to turn every student into a respectable professional with social awareness. The core competence of Athena University relies on the bonding among teaching, research, and service of all faculty members. For generations to come, Athena University will thrive through innovation and creativity.

International Alliances

Athena University is proud to be one of the prestigious members of the Athena Education System. The Athena Education System has over 45 years in providing exceptional education services to students in Asia and other parts of the world. The uniqueness of the Athena Education System lies in the mixing of cultural ideas from the West and the East. We strive not only to provide quality education to local students in Washington, but also to parts of the world where quality education cannot be easily accessed.

What Makes Athena University Unique

Career Placement / Advancement

Athena University’s programs will create college graduates. College graduates obtain careers that produce higher lifetime earnings than lifetime earnings of non-college graduates. Some local well-known companies that hire college graduates include Microsoft, Google, Starbucks, Boeing & Amazon.

Experienced, Seasoned Teaching Faculty

We stand firm on our mission to promote and facilitate academic excellence. Our instructors are experienced and prepared to guide our students’ through their studies at Athena University.

Customized Lectures

Athena University works side-by-side with local industries and custom-builds learning objectives based on employers’ needs.

Dual-Degree Programs

Student mobility is our #1 priority at Athena University. Our vast education network allows our students the ability to earn a joint-degree at MingDao University and other partner universities.


Studying at Athena University is more than earning and completing a degree. We educate and equip our students to become future entrepreneurs.