Master of Business Administration

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Most all industries today face the effects of rapid change and globalization. The business landscape is no longer unconstrained, but instead faces stern challenges in a fully competitive business environment and an era of lean profits. Recognizing these complexities, our internationally focused MBA program provides our students with the principles and conceptual framework to confidently navigate their careers through an ocean of uncertainty. Our students are encouraged to share their experiences in management styles, concepts and best practices with classmates, industry experts, faculty and entrepreneurs.

Athena University offers a high quality, intensive MBA curriculum in a small cohort based format. These cohorts of approximately 30 to 40 students, complete coursework created with practical and proven input from industry leaders. The entire program was designed to arm our students with the competitive skill sets demanded by today’s employers. The practitioner focus of our faculty goes well beyond theory enabling our graduates to recognize opportunity and to successfully implement proven strategies as they advance in their professions.

Our location in downtown Seattle, a thriving and growing international city, is conveniently located on the major downtown bus routes.

Program length: 2 years or less, depending on course load.

First Year
FallCr HourSpringCr Hour
MBA501 Production Strategies and Management3MBA505 Marketing Strategies and Management3
MBA503 Human Resource Strategies and Management3MBA506 Business Model Innovation and Entrepreneurship3
MBA504 Financial Management3MBA507 Organizational Development and Leadership3
Second Year
FallCr HourSpringCr Hour
MBA508 Business Investment and Development Analysis3MBA513 Market Research3
MBA512 International Enterprise Operation and Management3MBA515 Capstone Project6

I. All candidates must:
  1. Complete an application and pay a $50 application fee.
  2. Provide a degree from an accredited institution. Send official transcripts of all previous baccalaureate degrees and official transcripts of graduate study (if applicable).
  3. An overall undergraduate CGPA of 2.0 on a 4.00 scale.
  4. If undergraduate CGPA is less than 2.7, then a minimum GMAT score of 450, or a minimum GRE score of 306, or passing an AU administered test(s) is required.
  5. Submit a letter of intent describing your desire and interest in pursuing the MBA degree, including why you think you have the qualifications to be successful in the program, and an updated resume. The purpose of the letter of intent is to demonstrate your preparedness for success in the MBA program.
II. Prerequisites: All applicants without previous academic courses in the areas listed below will be required to take the Athena University courses as non-credit, or pass a competency test in each area: (The courses will not count towards the completion of the MBA program.)
  1. Accounting (ACG101)
  2. Statistics and Probability (STAT101)
  3. The Basics of Management (MAN101)
  4. Economics I (ECO101)

Taking those non-credit courses at Athena University or transferring those courses from an institutionally approved college or university by Athena University can satisfy the prerequisites requirements. Prerequisite courses’ credits do not count towards the required core credits leading to the MBA Degree. Additionally, students will be paying at a rate of $1,500/prerequisite course for the four prerequisite courses listed above.

III. International Applicants must meet the following requirements:
  1. Must comply with all criteria mentioned above, or for item I.2, must provide a degree approved by the national ministry of education in the country where the school is located.
  2. Send official transcripts of all post-secondary institutions – must have non-US academic degrees evaluated by an evaluator approved by NACES.
  3. Guarantor’s Statement (PDF) with supporting financial documents from a financial institution with current U.S. dollars exchange rates.
  4. The official score report of either TOEFL or IELTS English proficiency exam. The minimum score required is TOEFL (IBT) = 75, TOEFL (PBT) = 550, TOEFL (CBT) = 193, or IELTS = 6.5.Additional options to meet English proficiency requirements
    • Submission of a post-secondary transcript verifying completion of 8 semester-credit hours of baccalaureate-level (excluding remedial or developmental) courses with at least a B (80 percent) average from an institution in which the language of instruction was English.
    • Successful completion of an approved external Intensive English Program.
    • Submission of documents demonstrating successful completion of an Athena University recognized, intermediate-level English as a Second Language (ESL) course.
    • Completion with a grade of B (80%) or higher of two or more baccalaureate-level English writing or composition courses from an Athena University recognized, post-secondary institution or community college.
    • Transfer from an accredited college or university in the United States with a grade of B or higher in ENG 101 completed within the previous three years before admission to Athena University.

If you want to get started on the application or want more information about Athena University, contact us at or call 1-800-806-4711.

MBA5013Production Strategies and Management
The key topics will be included in this course are: forecasting theory; total quality management; layout; materials management; material requirements planning; just-in-time systems; group technique; scheduling, etc. A lot of tools to solve optimization problem will also be introduced in this course.
MBA5033Human Resource Strategies and management
This course is about both the design and execution of human resource management strategies. This course has two central themes, including: (1) how to think systematically and strategically about aspects of managing the organization's human assets; and (2) what needs to be done to implement these policies and to achieve competitive advantage. It adopts the perspective of a general manager and addresses human resource topics (e.g., reward systems, performance management, training and development, recruitment, retention, equal employment opportunity laws, work-force diversity, and union-management relationships) from a strategic perspective.
MBA5043Financial Management
This course focuses on the issues of financial management theories and empirical studies. The applications of theories and case studies will also be discussed for the students in analyzing operational management and further examination in academic research.
MBA5053Marketing Strategies and Management
This course provides an introduction to all aspects of marketing, including strategic marketing planning, marketing research, product planning and development, promotion-planning, distribution and pricing. It provides an understanding of the theories of the marketing mix variables, and a practical application in the context of the marketing management cycle processes of research, planning, organization, implementation and control.
MBA5063Business Model Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Today’s business environments have been facing a hyper-competition and low profit era. In order to survive and compete in such circumstance, business operation models have been changing and transforming significantly to suit today’s business environment. Enterprises must enhance their competition via business operation innovation. The business operation and models innovation will result in establishing the competencies, sustainability, and profits for business. This course will teach students to learn the up-dated business models innovation, business environment analysis, and business value chains, customer values, product positions, value systems, and internet development and allocations, business models operation and cost structures, the economic principle for profits, and business migration. This course will also introduce the green energy, organic, and health related sustainable business concepts in the teaching materials. Via weekly course lecture teaching, literatures study, review, discussion, cases study, the students will establish the relevant skills and learn the contemporary knowledge of the latest business models innovation and management knowledge.
MBA5073Organizational Development and Leadership
This course is designed to combine advanced leadership theory with practical, real-world application and self-discovery. The course addresses leadership and leadership development as processes directed towards organizational development, professional development, group development, personal development and identity formation and how to manage and support such processes. Leadership development is analyzed and discussed from different perspectives using the different logics of the most prominent leadership theories. Immersed in an environment of experiential learning, the students can apply lessons within their companies or organizations in real-time while developing the confidence and coaching skills to reach their own leadership potential.
MBA5083Business Investment and Development Analysis
The course provides students with an understanding of the theories and professional knowledge related to business investment and development. Topics include: industry analysis, business models and investment analysis models. The applications of theories in both investment strategies and practical cases will also be included.
MBA512 3International Enterprise Operation and Management
The course focuses on the administration of international aspects of their policy formulation, forms of foreign operations, methods of organization and control, and function adjustments.
MBA5133Market Research
The course provides students with an introduction to marketing research. Topics include research study method design, effective program implementation, and data analysis.
MBA5153Capstone Project
This course is designed to allow students to apply their knowledge in Business Administration by going through case studies of successful Business Models and Companies. Under the supervision of a Senior Supervisor, students will provide individual feedback and insights on successful Business Companies and demonstrate their ability to think, act and work as an executive. Prerequisite: Senior Status