Information & Computer Engineering Major


Information and Computer Engineering is the design, development and integration of computer programs and technology into devices and systems that improve how we interact with our world every day. Computer Engineers combine innovations and practical engineering skills into everyday designs. Athena University's 4 Year Degree Track in Information and Computer Engineering is backed up by our commitment to bringing the latest technology into our classrooms and delivering solid curriculum to our students. As an engineering student in AU, you will be able to work as an intern in one of our many partners in the Greater Seattle Area. Upon graduation, our students will be highly viewed by local industries and began their career as soon as they graduate.

Some of the Career Opportunities for Athena's Graduates include,

  • Software Engineers
  • System Analysts
  • Technical Writers
  • Web Developers
  • Researchers
  • Programmers
  • Software Testers

For Information and Computer Engineering program, we offer our students three different areas of specialization. Below are brief descriptions of these areas,

Software Engineering

Our Bachelor’s Program in Software Engineering is designed for students who are interested in developing and maintaining commercial software for various applications. The Software Engineering specialization in Athena includes a broad range of courses aimed to develop student's knowledge in programming algorithms, user interfaces and project management. Graduates from our Software Engineering Program will become forefront leaders in software architects, designers and entrepreneurs in the Software Industry.

Mobile Application Design

The Bachelor’s Program in Mobile Application Design are for students who have had previous knowledge in developing applications and are interested in working in the Mobile Industry. We have combined technology, interface design and application development for various mobile platforms into one Program. Graduates from this specialization will be equipped with the latest skill set required to stay competitive in the rapidly expanding and evolving era of Mass Media and Communication Industry.

Network Security and Management

The Network Security and Management Specialization offered in Athena University is developed to answer the increasing demand in highly skilled network security specialists in the beginning of the 21st century. In the Program, our students will be given the opportunity to develop their professional skills and knowledge including training in protocols, network standards, design, and security solutions. Graduates from this designation will become valuable, industry-recognized professionals actively sought by employers.

First Year
ENG 101, English Composition I3ENG 102, English Composition II3
SOC 101, Introduction to Sociology3MAT 108, Trigonometry3
MATH 106, College Algebra3CIS 202, Computer Programming II3
CIS 201, Computer Programming I3CIS 212, Data Structures3
CIS 211, Foundations of Computer Science3CIS 213, Object Oriented Development3
Second Year
ENG 111, Introduction to Literature3PSY 100, General Psychology3
MAT 212, Introduction to Statistical Methods3BIO 101, Introduction to Biology3
ART 100, Art Appreciation3CIS 202, Computer Programming II3
CIS 215, Computer Networks3CIS 312, Cyber Security3
CIS 311, Design and Analysis of Algorithms3CIS 313, Compiler Principles and Techniques3
Third Year
CIS 314, Operating Systems and Networks3CIS 318, Software Engineering and Project Development II3
CIS 315, Introduction to Computer Organization3CIS 321, Hardware Design and Implementation3
CIS 316, Languages and Computation3CIS 401, Web Programming3
CIS 317, Software Engineering and Project Development I3CIS 402, Technical Communications3
CIS 320, Introduction to Compiler Construction3CIS 403, Design Patterns and Refactoring3
Forth Year
CIS 404, Software Testing and Debugging3CIS 409, Software Engineering Project3
CIS 405, Concurrent and Distributed Systems3CIS 410, Mobile App Programming3
CIS 406 Computer Graphics3STA 411, Probability and Statistics3
CIS 407, Artificial Intelligence3CIS 413, Systems Programming3
CIS 408, Computer Games: Design and Effect3CIS 414, Capstone Project3
I. Washington Residents must meet the following requirements:
  1. Complete an on-line application and pay a $50 application fee
  2. Send official transcripts of all previous study
II. Non-Residents/International Applicants must meet the following requirements:
  1. Complete an on-line application and pay a $50 application fee
  2. Official transcripts of all post-secondary institutions
  3. Letter of Intent or Statement of Purpose
  4. Guarantor's Statement (PDF) with supporting financial documents from a financial institution with current U.S. dollars Exchange rates.
III. International Applicants must also provide the following:
  1. The official score report of TOEFL English proficiency exam