1 Why Athena University?

Athena University has implemented the essence of SAT and TOEFL into the course curriculum that students will be taking in their courses. This Implementation allows our students to immediately start normal courses without worrying about additional language preparation courses. The courses at Athena University are designed to allow students to improve their English while they are taking regular courses.

2 Who should consider Athena University?

At Athena, students are always our top priority. No matter who you are or where you come from, Athena University is there to guide you in achieving your life goals. Athena University programs offer up-to-date curricula for students who would like to learn more according to their interests and field of study.

3 Can I study part-time during my stay at Athena University?

Domestic students can choose to study part-time during their course of pursuing a degree at Athena University. International students (F-1 holders) must maintain a full time status.

4 How long are your programs typically?

Our Undergraduate program are designed to be 4 years in length. Our Graduate programs are typically 1.5 to 2.5 years in length.

5 I am working full-time and would like to pursue one of the graduate degree programs offered at Athena University, what are my options?

Athena University offers flexible class hours that are designed to accommodate our student’s day-to-day busy schedules. We also provide 100% Distance Learning Options for our graduate students to choose from, should they require even more flexibility in their course of study.

6 What is an I-20 form? Why do I need it?

To study as an F-1 international student in the US, an I-20 form is required to apply for a non-immigrant visa. International students who have been offered admission should submit a request for their I-20 form, the request will take up to 5 business days to complete. Please contact the Registrars’ Office for more information.

7 What are sessions like at Athena? How do sessions differ from a traditional semester-based academic calendar?

At Athena University, each semester consists of two sessions which are 8-weeks in duration. Students may study up to 3 courses each session, which allows them to focus on fewer courses and better manage their course load. A traditional semester-based academic calendar requires students to take 5 to 6 courses simultaneously, which can be difficult for students to manage(Especially freshmen students).

8 What are my options after graduation? Will I get any support from Athena?

After graduation, Athena students should be aware that a number of multinational companies are located in the greater Seattle area. We also encourage our students to take opportunities to get themselves connected with professionals in their field of study by visiting our Career Services Department prior to graduation. For F-1 students, you are eligible to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) , which if approved allows you to stay in the US for up to a year to gain experience in your field after graduation.